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In 15 mins a day, transcend from having a scattered mind to a focussed one and achieve your goals.

Breathe. Smile. Meditate. Let Go.

Embrace RARE,
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Be guided with daily RARE actions, curated specifically to help you reach your goal.


Kick start your day with a stirring guided meditation


A Rak — Random Act of Kindness — can change your life forever


We fetch for you insightful reading every day from our carefully curated content that gives you food for thought.


End the day with thoughtful reflection. Do simple course corrections for lasting transformative results.


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We believe lives are being impacted and transformed.

The Inspiration

Meditation is not enough, RARE is a simple, holistic framework that can impact one, daily.

Om Swami is a Himalayan monk, adept in meditation. At the peak of his practice, he was meditating for 22 hours a day, clocking more than 15,000+ cumulative hours. Prior to becoming a monk, he had run a multi-million dollar global business.

Through guiding 100000+ individuals, he noticed that meditation was not enough to transform one’s life. To address that, he conceived the practical and effective RARE framework.

He is the guiding force and inspiration behind Black Lotus.