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You are a Breath away from Peace

Kavana Anklekar Picture this:You are sitting by the window, the wind is playing with your hair and you are enjoying the beautiful scenery outside. Maybe it’s a pretty flower. Maybe a little bird chirping around and flapping ...
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A Daily Habit Towards Lasting Happiness

What will make you happy? A dream job, success, money, love, fame?  Research shows that even when people succeed, they are still unsatisfied. Therefore, chances are that even if you achieve one or all of the above ...
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Finding My Centre

When I look back at 2018, the most significant event is my coming to terms with my post-work phase. There is something dangerously seductive about the word ‘retired’. Even though I was sure in my mind that ...
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Going Beyond Mind-Stuff

I really think there is no harder task on Planet Earth than to go past mind-stuff to be in the present moment. Mind-stuff is all prevalent. I don’t know about you, but my mind is perennially in ...
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Conscious Eating

One of the simplest practices we can all do is to pause for a few moments before consuming any meal. This means really getting present with it – seeing the colors, smelling the aromas, feeling the temperature. ...
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Forgiveness Meditation

Forgiveness should never be forced. Do this practice only within your comfort zone. It is fine not to do it at all. Get into a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Bring your attention to the heart energy ...
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Duty, Yes! But Which Duty?

The principal message of the Gita is not how duty should be performed, but which duty should be performed in case of conflicting duties. The duty that the Gita tells us to select is the divine duty. ...
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Marriage As It Is and What It Could Be

Marriage unites a man and a woman for life. Irrespective of how the match was made, people always commit despite not knowing each other as well as they should. This is true even of couples who have been ...
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