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Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness (Raks) is an initiative to increase happiness and spread goodness in the world. It’s a movement to help discover the divine self and live a purposeful life.  Simple acts of kindness like holding the elevator for the next person or appreciating someone, helps one connect and evolve in the spiritual, emotional and mental journey. Be inspired by the motivating stories of common people who made their day count and made someone’s day special by Raks

Rak Stories

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Meditation and Chants

Surf the waves of lingering thoughts and feelings to realize your potential. Commit yourself to the state of blissfulness through guided meditation, or choose to meditate live with a global community of meditators.

Heal yourself and enhance your consciousness by Chanting daily. Discover the power of mantras through guided chants or chant mentally.

Become Mind Full to Mindful

Meditation and Chants
Begin The Path of Evolution

The Path

A goal without a plan disperses your energy in all directions. “The Path" is explicitly designed by our Chief Mentor Om Swami. It helps you with specific steps and milestones that you can pursue and accomplish in a timely fashion to become happy, kind and keep making progress. When the journey is a game, it’s fun all the way. And you are up to the next level.

Begin The Path of Evolution

About Black Lotus

Black Lotus is a global initiative to spread kindness, goodness, and peace. Black Lotus is a new age platform to nurture a world of kindness through the Random Acts of Kindness influencing positive actions and thoughts and inspire personal transformation through meditation for millions across the globe.

Our Mission

To inspire and create a world of kindness – one person, one community,
one act of kindness, at a time.

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